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About Me

  • 1st year MS student at National Taiwan University
  • Current research directions: blockchain scalability and security (sharding, roll-ups)
  • Research interests: algorithms, complexity, quantum computing, etc.
  • Coder
  • smart contracts
  • machine learning algorithms
  • (previously) competitive programming

Selected Honors

  • A+s in theoratical courses (e.g. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Quantum Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms, Intractable Problems, Advanced Linear Algebra, Algebra)
  • Yan-Tong Lin, Meng-Tse Wu, and Keh-Yih Su. "Syntax-aware Natural Language Inference with Graph Matching Networks." 2020 International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI). IEEE, 2020.
  • Ranked 541st in Google Code Jam 2020

Languages and Technologies


  • (medium/high) C++, Python, Typescript
  • (basic) Rust, Go


  • NLP: (medium/high) pytorch, AllenNLP
  • Blockchain: (medium/high) hardhat, ethers.js, (basic) brownie
  • Utils: (basic) git, CICD, docker
  • Frontend: (medium) svelte, svelte-kit, (basic) react, next
  • Backend: (basic) gqlgen, gRPC

In Free time

  • browse technologies, best practices
  • learn Rust
  • music
  • (previously) guitar, games


Last update: 2022-03-17
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